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🇩🇰 Nyhed: Fri fragt ved køb over 299kr - ellers kun 29kr i fragt 🇩🇰
🇩🇰 Nyhed: Fri fragt ved køb over 299kr - ellers kun 29kr i fragt 🇩🇰

ZWP - Dog Shampoo Bar (100 g)

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This natural and vegan dog shampoo bar contains select ingredients that care for the dog's fur, skin and keep fleas and other pests away. The essential oils of lavender and lemongrass also add itchy and antibacterial properties! Contains:

- Olive oil: Very moisturizing, does not clog pores.

- Coconut oil: Moisturizing, it penetrates well into the hair follicles, reduces inflammation and is an antioxidant.

- Castor oil / castor oil: Very moisturizing, helps to increase hair shine.

- Shea butter: Very nourishing and moisturizing, perfect for extremely dry skin.

- Neem-oil: Neem-oil is amazing against fleas as it has flea-repellent, anti-itch, antibacterial and insecticidal properties.

- Jojoba oil: Helps with moisture storage and repair of damage, easily absorbed.

- Essential lavender oil: Flea and tick repellent, antibacterial and anti-itch.

- Lemongrass essential oil: flea and tick repellent, antibacterial

- Glycerin: Naturally found in soap-like shampoo bars, as it is a byproduct of saponification, it has great moisturizing properties.

The packaging is in 100% recycled, unbleached cardboard. Recyclable and / or compostable.

Application :

Foam the bar up by hand, and wash the dog with the foam, or foam the bar up directly on the dog. Rinse with plenty of water. Finish if necessary. with a vinegar rinse to remove any residue and leave the coat soft and shiny.

Avoid using this shampoo bar on puppies or pregnant dogs

Zero Waste

Vegan / vegan