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WeeCare - Lanolin ointment (50 ml)

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100% natural lanolin ointment from Danish WeeCare is an absolutely fantastic repair cream for dry, cracked and red skin.

The salve is particularly good for:

  • Dry hands and lips
  • Red bottom and baby's diaper area
  • Broken nipples
  • Mosquito bites
  • Nail roots

Protects the skin

WeeCare Lanolin Ointment protects skin that is particularly exposed. It can be skin that easily becomes dry and cracks, e.g. due to frequent hand washing or use of hand alcohol. The ointment does not sting and you will see a noticeable difference.

The ointment also protects against frost and cold. Apply the ointment directly to the exposed area before stepping out into the cold air. It can be, for example, on the baby's cheeks before he or she has to take a midday nap in the pram outside, or on your own hands, which become dry and crack in cold weather.

The ointment is also very good at protecting a baby's bottom, which otherwise reacts to having a diaper with pee against the skin. Apply the ointment to completely clean and dry skin before you put on a nappy. The beeswax in the ointment thus forms a protective membrane on the skin, which means that the urine cannot penetrate the skin and bother the child.

Repairs damaged skin

The lanolin ointment — and especially the natural fat lanolin — has a positive effect on the skin's healing process. Put the ointment on the skin to soothe and heal a small wound, a skin scrape, a mosquito bite or generally dry, damaged and irritated areas of the skin. It could be areas such as hands, cheeks, lips, nipples (when breastfeeding) and not least the baby's bottom, because the ointment is really good at repairing delicate baby skin that has become red.

It is the antibacterial effect of the lanolin that is so good in connection with the healing of damaged skin. It prevents bacteria from developing and inhibits inflammation. so that infection does not occur in the skin.

Suitable for very young children

The ointment consists of 100% natural ingredients, is free of perfume, essential oils, preservatives (including parabens) and hormone-disrupting substances and is therefore suitable for babies and small children.

Natural ingredients

The ointment consists of 4 ingredients of the highest quality available on the market, each of which has some amazing properties:

  • Lanolin: Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, made in Belgium.
  • Organic coconut oil: Protects and cares, made in Germany.
  • Organic olive oil: Adds moisture to the skin, made in France.
  • Organic beeswax: Protects the skin, made in Germany.

What is lanolin?

Lanolin is the fatty substance that is produced completely naturally in the sheep's skin. It is also found in sheep's wool and thus makes the wool self-cleaning and water-repellent. The lanolin for this ointment is washed out of the wool after the wool is sheared from the sheep. Thus it is a by-product of the wool industry. This lanolin is produced in Belgium and is guaranteed to come from sheep that are not subjected to mulesing!

Lanolin is the fat most similar to the human skin's own fat, which is why it is very effective in helping our skin's natural healing process. Human skin absorbs lanolin very quickly.

The lanolin in the ointment is purified and of very high quality (pharmaceutical grade).

The ointment is produced in Denmark and comes in a glass jar with an aluminum lid - completely plastic-free.