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🇩🇰 Nyhed: Fri fragt ved køb over 299kr - ellers kun 29kr i fragt 🇩🇰
🇩🇰 Nyhed: Fri fragt ved køb over 299kr - ellers kun 29kr i fragt 🇩🇰

Soap nuts in bulk (10, - per 100 g)

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Soap nuts are the only organic detergent that grows on trees. They are very effective and gentle at the same time, and will leave your clothes fresh and clean. Can be used on all fabrics and at all temperatures from 30 - 90 degrees.

Price per. gram. Select the desired number of GRAM.

Minimum order: 100 grams.

The soap nuts are packed in a paper bag and come with a washing guide.

Application :

Put 4-5 whole shells in a laundry bag and put it in with your laundry. This portion can be used 4-5 when washing up to 40 degrees. At 60 degrees you can use the soap nuts 1-2 times. The soap nuts turn light gray in color when there is no more saponin (soap) in the shells. Then they can be thrown in the compost, in the garden or in potted plants, where they provide good nutrition.

Natural scent for laundry :

Add if necessary. flower water in the soap drawer - approx. 2-3 tbsp. - or essential / essential oils to get a nice scent for the laundry. Drizzle 5-10 drops on the wash bag with the shells.

Zero Waste

Vegan / vegan

Allergy friendly