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Organic White Quinoa Flakes in bulk (price per gram)

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The quinoa flakes are:

  • Climate friendly
  • Organic
  • Good for gluten-free baking

Klimamad's quinoa flakes are a mixture of the original varieties, all of which contribute different flavors.

Quinoa is cultivated in Bolivia, by the local population, in the area where the quinoa plant originated. In the fields where Klimamad's quinoa is grown, there are approx. 1100 indigenous varieties of quinoa, which ensure that biodiversity is preserved.

By purchasing Klimmad's quinoa flakes, you contribute to the local population's increasing income and prosperity. In recent years, hunger has been eradicated and there is free schooling. Many families have been able to afford electricity and running water. This is mainly due to the increasing interest and purchase of quinoa from the area. The quinoa is grown on small family-owned farms, where the family cultivates the land themselves with the help of neighbors. Klimamad's quinoa flakes ensure many people a livelihood and a dignified life. The population can remain living in rural areas if they wish.

Application :

Used for breakfast as an alternative to oatmeal or muesli on yogurt.

Quinoa flakes can also be used for baking. Replace 15% of the flour in breads and buns with quinoa flakes. It gives a delicious texture and makes the baked goods seem fresh for a longer time.

    Production :

    Klimamad's quinoa has a significantly lower CO 2 emission because it is grown in an area and climate where it can be grown without the use of machinery that requires fossil fuel and without artificial irrigation and liquid animal manure.

    Transport :

    Klimamad's quinoa is transported from Bolivia to Denmark. It is primarily transported by ship, and is therefore three weeks en route. Shipping is one of the modes of transport that emits the least CO2. Klimamad's quinoa is transported over shorter distances by truck.

    Ingredients: organic quinoa flakes

    Nutritional content per 100 gr.

    Energy 1460 kJ / 349 kcal
    Cool 5.8 g
    Of which saturated fatty acids 0.7g
    Carbohydrates 62.6 g
    Of which sugars 1.4g
    Protein 14 g
    Dietary fiber 7.8 g
    Salt 0.02g

    Store dry and not hot

    Sent in a paper bag

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    Zero waste