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White and Blue Sage Bundle (10 cm)

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California white sage is a broad-leaved sage prized for its strong aroma. It is a wild-growing plant that is picked by hand.

Is known as the incense of the Indians and has been used for several centuries by the Indians from the Navajo tribe to purify both space, body and mind. It has been used throughout time to purify and create an atmosphere of high energy.

White sage promotes positivity and rejuvenation as well as helping to clear and uplift the mind.

Application :

  • Light the end of the sage bundle and exhale quickly before the fire takes hold. The incense will smolder and release a mild smoke.
  • Spread the smoke around you and the room.
  • Turn off the bundle and make sure there are no more embers left.
  • Ventilate well afterwards.

Always have a fireproof base for this incense.