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Funky Soap - Shampoo Bar Soap Nut & Avocado counteracts hair loss (120 g)

65,00 kr

Handmade shampoo bar with soap nuts that has been used for hair care in the traditional Indian medicine ayurveda. Soap nuts prevent hair loss and cleanse hair and scalp without removing the natural oils. Avocado, olive and castor oils promote a healthier scalp as well as add shine and nourishment to the hair. Foam the bar up between the hands and distribute the foam in the hair and on the body. The shampoo can be left in the hair for a few minutes to get the full effect of the treatment. Use with conditioner or vinegar rinse.

Remember one soap dish to your shampoo bar so it can dry out between each use.

Is this your first time using a shampoo bar? Read our guide here .

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