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Natural Flower Water Jasmine (100 ml)

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Pure jasmine flower water with a natural aroma and regenerating properties. Tones naturally, is deeply relaxing and improves skin elasticity. Effective for any skin type from sensitive skin to dry or oily skin. Can be used morning and evening or in the middle of the day as a freshener. Jasmine is ideal for use in anti aging products as it not only helps with cell renewal but is said to give a sense of confidence, optimism and euphoria. Its soothing aroma is very soothing and relaxing. Helps against muscle aches and pains and stiff limbs. Use it before bedtime and the soothing properties will provide a restful sleep. The product is diluted and can therefore be applied directly to the skin.

Flower water has several uses:

Facial tonic / toner

Face masks with mineral clay

Room mist

Mild scent for laundry

Zero Waste

100% natural