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Aleppo Soap Traditional with 20% laurel oil (200 g)

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Genuine Syrian Aleppo olive soap with 20% bay oil for hands, body and face. The soap is 100% natural without any artificial additives or perfumes, and contains only soap lye, olive oil and laurel oil. Laurel oil makes the soap oily and rich in antioxidants, which makes the soap especially suitable for people with sensitive and sensitive skin, as it is extremely moisturizing.

Making real Syrian soap is a very slow process that has been going on in Aleppo, Syria for more than a thousand years. After mixing and boiling the ingredients, the soap is poured directly onto the stone floor, where it cools and hardens. When the soap has completely cooled, it is cut up by hand. Each piece is then stamped with the manufacturer's name in calligraphy. Finally, the finished pieces of soap are stacked in the traditional and characteristic 'towers' in the open air, where they are left to finally 'mature' for at least 9 months. During this process, the soap gets its very characteristic appearance - like an old and dried cheese. But you should definitely not be fooled, the soap is simply amazing.

Remember one soap dish to your soap bar so it can dry out between each use.