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Shampoo bar - what is it and how to use it?

A shampoo bar is shampoo in solid form that is used for hair washing. A shampoo bar is used in principle just like a regular soap bar for the hands. Distribute the soap in your hands - and then in your hair. Alternatively, you can take the shampoo bar up into your hair and distribute it in your wet scalp and along with the lengths of your hair. You get the most delicious soft foam that is distributed. It is important that you foam up both the scalp and the lengths really well, otherwise it can feel greasy afterwards. It is also important to rinse the shampoo thoroughly out of the hair afterwards. Rinse more than you would with a conventional shampoo. After use, leave the shampoo bar to dry.

If you now find that your hair becomes difficult to comb out when you use the shampoo bar, or perhaps the greasy, then it may be that you have either not foamed your hair enough or have not rinsed your hair thoroughly enough. And in both cases, you can with great advantage mix a little apple cider vinegar up with water (about half half) and rinse the hair through with it. The vinegar water may very well just have time to work a little before you rinse it out again. Vinegar water cleanses hair and scalp and leaves your hair soft and delicious. So just try to do it once in a while. It works!

Some will find that they simply cannot make the shampoo bar work for them. Especially if you have fine hair or hair with a tendency to greasy, it can be a challenge. Here it is important to keep in mind that there are a sea of different shampoo bars and you may not have found the right one. So give it a try. When switching from conventional shampoo to shampoo bar, there will also be a habituation period where the hair becomes more oily, so have a little patience.

The advantages of using a shampoo bar over conventional liquid shampoo are many:

1. Natural ingredients

Shampoo in liquid form contains a lot of water. Therefore, a whole lot of preservatives need to be added. The large amount of water also limits the amount of ingredients that can be mixed into the shampoo. By making a shampoo in solid form, one can use large chunks of cocoa butter, shea, real mud, herbs, essential oils and lots of other delicious, natural ingredients. This can not be done in a liquid shampoo as it would look cloudy and lumpy.

By using a shampoo bar you get to enjoy all the delicious and healthy oils that are in them. A shampoo bar will leave remnants of the good oils in your hair. That's really the point. You will be able to see this in your brush - and also be able to feel it in your hair, which generally becomes fuller and is like being surrounded by a layer of "oil" - without in any way looking greasy. It is good for your skin and your scalp, which does not benefit from being cleansed too much.

By using the shampoo bar, you also avoid silicone substances, fillers, a wide range of preservatives and parabens.

2. Delay in use

Shampoo bars are very expensive to use. You will therefore find that your shampoo bar lasts longer than liquid shampoo. 40 g shampoo bar corresponds to approx. 500 ml conventional liquid shampoo.

3. Good for the environment

Another great benefit of switching to shampoo bar is the environmental impact. When you use a shampoo bar, you completely get rid of the plastic bottle that the conventional shampoo comes in. The boring truth is that, unlike organic materials, plastic never disappears in nature. Instead, it is split into even smaller pieces for so-called microplastics. And it can take up to 500 years for a plastic bottle to break down into microscopic pieces of plastic. So here you can really do something good, both for you and your hair and not least the environment!

What about bacteria?

Many people are afraid that shampoo bars and soap bars are pure bacterial bombs. In fact, they may well be if you do not store them properly. After use, leave the shampoo bar to dry. It is important that the bar is allowed to dry out completely, as the water on or around the bar can become bacterial. Therefore, place the bar in a soap dish where air can get up under the soap and the water can run off. Then you do not have to be afraid of bacterial growth.