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- Cotton swabs/ear cleaners

Ordinary disposable plastic swabs are a thing of the past – today you will find several good alternatives that are good for both you and the environment. See our many exciting offers for sustainable cotton buds here. We have made it easy for you to make an environmentally friendly purchase the next time you need cotton swabs for the bathroom.

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More suggestions for good, environmentally friendly cotton buds

The development of environmentally friendly alternatives has found its way into the bathroom, where a product such as the cotton swab can no longer be bought in plastic. Instead, you can now choose bamboo cotton swabs - or you can become the lucky owner of a brand new and environmentally friendly cotton swab that can be washed and used up to 1,000 times before it needs to be replaced with a new one. If you are curious about the latter, you can read more about the reusable cotton buds here.

The most environmentally friendly thing is of course to use up the products you have, but when the box with the traditional disposable cotton swabs is used up, you can buy the sustainable cotton swabs from us and go down a more environmentally friendly path once and for all. Even small changes in our shopping habits make a big difference, and a switch to eco-friendly cotton buds is for most people one of the slightly easier changes.

Buy your sustainable cotton buds at TINC

You will find our popular sustainable cotton buds both online on the webshop and in our physical stores in Aalborg and Aarhus. It feels good to replace an exhausted product in the bathroom with a more sustainable alternative, and with our wide selection of environmentally friendly products, you are well helped on the way to a more sustainable lifestyle. Buy your eco-friendly cotton buds here and look forward to using them for the first time soon. We guarantee you that the sustainable cotton buds feel super nice to use and that you will be very happy with your choice.