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Menstruationstrusser - Vaskeguide

Menstrual panties - Washing guide

As with disposable products such as pads and tampons, menstrual panties should be changed at intervals that suit your bleeding pattern. Where disposable products end up in the bin, menstrual panties require a bit of extra work on your part, as the panties must be rinsed and washed before they can be used again. A process that is, however, totally worth it, and is actually quite easy once you have some experience in how to wash menstrual panties. You will find our washing guide for WUKA menstrual panties below.

How often should menstrual panties be washed?

To maintain good hygiene, menstrual panties must be rinsed in cold water and washed in the washing machine after each change, so that they can be completely clean for the next time you have to wear them. If you don't have time to wash the panties right away, you can simply rinse them and then put them in a wetbag, which is a laundry bag specially designed for damp clothes. When you have the opportunity to wash, the wetbag is opened and thrown into the washing machine along with the contents, which are washed completely clean, as long as you use our washing instructions below.

How to wash menstrual panties?

  1. Rinse the panties in cold water, or alternatively soak them in a tub of cold water and rinse them when you have time.
  2. Wash in the washing machine together with similar colors at 30-40 degrees. Use regular detergent and no fabric softener, as it wears out the period panties unnecessarily. Feel free to wait to wash until you can fill an entire machine with clothes, as it is the best for the environment.
  3. The panties cannot be tumble-dried. Therefore, air dry them on a drying line outside or on a drying rack indoors.

How long does a pair of period panties retain their absorbency?

Nothing lasts forever, and at some point your period panties will no longer absorb optimally. If you take good care of them and treat them correctly, however, they can last for at least 2 years before they gradually start to lose their absorbency and therefore need to be replaced with new menstrual panties.

Shouldn't menstrual panties be washed at 60 degrees?

If you are used to washing your regular underwear at 60 degrees, you might be a little surprised that we recommend washing your menstrual panties at only 30-40 degrees - and to wash them together with your regular clothes. Anne-Grete Rasmussen, household economist and cleaning specialist at Videnscenter Bolius states that washing down to 30 degrees can be perfectly fine (and really good for the environment - especially if you also choose an energy-saving program on the washing machine), if you only use a good detergent with enzymes designed for low temperatures.

It is important that blood is always rinsed in cold water. The protein substances in the blood mean that they need cold water to come off. It is good that the panties are black, because the color will still be there - it will only come off when washed at between 60-90 degrees. Fortunately, it is primarily the blood and bacteria that we want to get rid of, and a 30-40 degree wash will do just fine. Possibly. you can put two drops of washing-up liquid in, already when you rinse or soak your menstrual panties.

Pay attention to the absorbent layer in the menstrual panties

Most models from WUKA are made of tencel (which consists of wood fibres), while the absorbent layer in the panties generally consists of TPU (a form of polyester) and nylon. The combination is typically 80 percent TPU and 20 percent nylon, but for some models the absorbent layer consists of 100 percent TPU.

The materials cotton, tencel and polyester can withstand washing at 60 degrees. Nylon and lace must be washed on a gentle program at a maximum of 40 degrees. You may want to wash nylon or lace panties by first rinsing them in cold water, then rinsing them in very hot water before throwing them in the washing machine at 40 degrees. In this way, you can rinse them briefly in hot water, but not for as long as with a full wash, which will quickly wear down the clothes considerably.

If you are among those who prefer to wash at 60 degrees, you should refer to the washing instructions on the individual product and check that the material only contains cotton, tencel and 100 percent TPU/polyester before turning up the temperature.

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