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Free shipping on purchases over DKK 329 - otherwise only DKK 35 in shipping
Social ansvarlighed – hvad er socialt ansvar?

Social responsibility – what is social responsibility?

If you are interested in sustainability, environment and climate, you can hardly avoid having come across the concept of social responsibility. But what exactly is social responsibility, and what does it mean for a company to live up to its social responsibility? You can learn more about that in the post here.

Not just a fad

Social responsibility is one of the hottest buzzwords of the time, and many companies actively display how they relate to social responsibility on a daily basis. Social responsibility is about how companies actively ensure the best conditions for both customers, employees and other business partners and take a position on the local environment. This can, for example, be in the form of job creation or opportunities for upskilling for those outside the labor market. Social responsibility also relates to taking a position on the company's impact on climate and the environment, and in relation to social responsibility, work is therefore often carried out with various environmental initiatives that reduce resource consumption or otherwise benefit the environment.

Which companies work with social responsibility?

In principle, all types of companies can work with social responsibility, but in order to profile itself as a socially responsible company, the company must submit an annual report on which socially responsible initiatives have been adopted and implemented in the past year. There is thus a great deal of work involved in being a socially responsible company – but also a great gain in the form of recognition, increased customer attraction, employee loyalty, job satisfaction and more.

TINC and social responsibility

At TINC, our products are carefully selected with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility. We are attracted by companies that take on a social responsibility, and are very happy to support their business by entering into cooperation on the negotiation of the socially responsible products both in our online shop and in our physical stores in Aarhus and Aalborg. Social responsibility is here to stay, and we believe that social responsibility will become even more of a focus for companies in the coming years.

Since we started in 2018, we have had a close collaboration with Aarhus municipality (and since then also Aalborg municipality) on a clarification process in the store and in the webshop. Clarification process is the work that takes place through internships before you can be awarded a Flexjob. At TINC, we have "specialized" in helping people with various mental problems such as anxiety, stress, Asperger's, ADHD, ADD, depression, etc. We thought it was an important and good task to solve, as we believe that all people can contribute something good.

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