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Guide: Sådan laver du din egen sæbe fra bunden

Guide: How to make your own soap from scratch

If you like to make your own care products, it is completely natural to start making your own soap. We give you a guide to making your own soap here, and hope that you will give the project a go.

Step-by-step guide - make your own soap

NB: There are several different methods for making your own soap. Here we start from a simple recipe for solid hand soap, where caustic soda is used. Since caustic soda in its natural form must not come into contact with the skin due to its corrosive properties, it is important to protect eyes, hands and possibly arms during the process. Only after a rest period of 6-8 weeks has the corrosive effect subsided and the soap can be used. This is therefore a somewhat slow way to make your own soap from scratch - but definitely worth the wait.

You will need:

500 g coconut oil (e.g. palm)

300 g vegetable oil (e.g. olive oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil or grape seed oil)

300 g of water

125 g caustic soda (available in most supermarkets)

Possibly. a few drops of fragrance oil of your choice (preferably natural, essential oils )

Kitchen scale

Deciliter measure

Kitchen thermometer

2 bowls (not metal)

A spoon


Hand mixer

Soap dishes

Gloves and goggles

Course of action

  1. Find all the ingredients so you have them close at hand throughout the process.
  2. Measure the water and pour it into one bowl. Add caustic soda to this and beat very carefully with the whisk until the caustic soda is completely dissolved in the water. Avoid contact with skin and eyes, and be aware that the mixture starts to steam when you whip. This part of the process can therefore advantageously take place either outdoors or under a switched-on hood in the kitchen. When the caustic soda has dissolved, set the mixture aside.
  3. Melt the coconut (palm) oil and then mix it with the other oil until you have a smooth, uniform and completely liquid oil. Now use a kitchen thermometer to measure the temperature of the caustic soda mixture and allow the oil mixture to cool until it is exactly the same temperature.
  4. Carefully pour the caustic soda mixture into the bowl with the oil mixture. Stir gently with the whisk. If you want fragrance in your hand soap, you can add a few drops of fragrance oil. When the two mixtures are mixed well, you switch to the hand mixer. Make sure the mixer is all the way down to the mixture before turning on, then mix on high speed for a few minutes - being careful not to splash yourself. The mixture should be thick and uniform and you will start to smell a soapy smell and maybe see small bubbles on the surface.
  5. Pour the mixture into soap molds and let the soap stand and harden in the molds for 12-24 hours. The soap bars can then be removed from the moulds, cut into suitable sizes and left to dry. Always wear gloves when handling the soap. Leave the soaps to dry for 6-8 weeks until they are ready for use - the longer the better.
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