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Free shipping on purchases over DKK 329 - otherwise only DKK 35 in shipping
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How to use soap nuts

If you want a more natural and sustainable laundry, you need to get hold of some soap nuts . Soap nuts are a completely organic and natural alternative to your normal detergent. They can be used on all types of clothing and at temperatures from 30-90 degrees.


When you buy soap nuts from us, a small guide will be included. You can also get it right here, so you can judge whether soap nuts are something for you.

1) Put 4-5 nuts in a laundry bag .

2) If you wash clothes at 30 degrees, we recommend that you soak the laundry bag for 15 minutes.

3) Throw the bag in the washing machine together with your clothes.

The soap nuts can easily be reused. If you wash clothes at 3-40 degrees, they can be reused approx. 4-5 times. If you wash at a higher temperature, it is closer to 1-2 times. The soap nuts become light gray in color when there is no more saponin (soap) in the shells. After use, the nuts can be thrown in the compost or in potted plants, as they are completely natural and with good nutrition.

Since they can be reused so many times, they are actually also an economical alternative.

The clothes will feel fresh and clean after use. The soap nuts leave the clothes nice and soft, so it's not necessary to use fabric softener, but if you want to add a little natural fragrance, it's super easy. For example, you can add flower water to the soap drawer or drip a few drops of a delicious essential oil on the laundry bag just before you throw it in the washing machine.

The soap nuts are also hypoallergenic, vegan and zero waste.

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