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Free shipping on purchases over DKK 329 - otherwise only DKK 35 in shipping
Refillery – genbrug din brugte emballage

Refillery – recycle your used packaging

Although recycling materials is obviously very good for the environment, recycling your used packaging in its original form is even better. So-called refillery is becoming increasingly popular, and at TINC we have a great many items that we offer as refillery. Find out more about refillery here, and be inspired to use refillery yourself the next time you find yourself with empty packaging in your hands.

Why is refilling a good idea?

Many materials, including plastic, can last a very long time, and therefore it makes very good sense to use the individual plastic packaging over and over rather than sending it directly on for recycling in the waste sorting system, where a large number of resources will typically be used on to remelt the plastic simply to be able to use it again in precisely new plastic products. Often it doesn't take much more than a thorough cleaning before a plastic product is ready for refilling, and refilling is something that really hits the climate bill.

Particularly widespread within the beauty industry

Refillery is particularly obvious and widespread within the beauty industry, where many manufacturers in shampoo, conditioner and skin care products have already adopted refillery. Manufacturers of liquid detergents and cleaning products also use refillery, and we predict a bright future for the concept, which has the potential to spread to many industries. It feels really good to not just discard the used packaging as usual, but instead make an effort to use the same packaging many times - and preferably until it is so worn that it cannot be reused any further.

Find your local refilleries

There is not yet an overview of Danish options for refilling, and it is therefore important to be aware when you visit some of your favorite stores - especially those that deal with Zero Waste and sustainable products on a daily basis. At TINC, we offer, for example, refills of organic shampoo and conditioner , cleaning agents, washing-up liquid, rinse aid for the dishwasher and various foods in bulk .

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