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Free shipping on purchases over DKK 329 - otherwise only DKK 35 in shipping
Prøv vores nye danskproducerede deodorant uden plastik

Try our new Danish-made deodorant without plastic

We have received four plastic-free deodorants through the door from the brand Natura Nordic . Have you long wanted to try something other than the traditional roll-on deodorant? Then Natura Nordic might be something for you. It is a vegan, Danish-produced brand based in Jutland. 

The benefits of Natura Nordic's deodorants 

The deodorants from Natura Nordic are natural, aluminum free, alcohol free, cruelty free, without artificial perfume and two of them are vegan. They come in small metal containers which can either be recycled or used for storing jewellery, for example. 

If you have tried such cream deodorants before, you probably know that they can have a slightly waxy texture and should be warmed up a little in the hands before use. You do n't have to do that with the Natura Nordic deodorants. They have a much creamier consistency and actually come with a small bamboo spatula. 

The small stick means that you no longer have to dip your fingers into the cream, which is especially difficult if you have long nails. After opening, the deodorant has a shelf life of 6 months. 

The cream is hard to use. You just have to rub the equivalent of a pea-sized amount of cream into the armpit and it can actually last all day. You are odor-free for 24 hours, and it does not cause yellow sweat stains.

The deodorants from Natura Nordic

Natura Nordic's four different deodorants 

Natura Nordic currently has four different deodorants: 

1) Melbourne – comes in a black metal container. It smells delicious of bergamot, orange, rosewood, geranium and cedar. 

2) Sydney – comes in a white metal container. It smells delicious of coconut and lime. 

3) Colombo – comes in a silver metal container. It smells delicious of lemon and vanilla. 

4) Eau Claire – also comes in a silver container. It doesn't smell as much as there are fewer essential oils in it. You will be able to smell a little sage and geranium. 

The fragrances are gender neutral and can therefore be used by all people. Since they come with a bamboo stick, you can also share deodorant with your partner or roomie. 

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