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Økologi – hvorfor er økologi godt?

Ecology - why is ecology good?

Ecology is on everyone's lips these years, and many have jumped on the bandwagon and have started to shop more organically. But why is it that organic is good at all - and are there any disadvantages to choosing organic when you stand in the supermarket and have to shop for dinner, or when you shop for clothes and cosmetics? We hope to be able to make you a little smarter about that here.

The many advantages of ecology

Why is ecology so good, many people ask us. For TINC, ecology is the natural choice. With organic products, you do not get an unwanted "extra" in the form of pesticides and additives, and this means a cleaner product that you can choose with a clear conscience. Ecology is important for many branches of our shared planet. From the health of you and me to the health of people near us and people far from us in other parts of the world.

The disadvantages of ecology

Although ecology is generally very good, ecology also has some dark sides, which it is worth knowing about when you are faced with the choice of organic vs. conventionally.

When pesticides are not used to grow crops, the yield is significantly lower, as the plants find it harder to survive. This means that increased resources are needed to keep organic production going, and it can be an expensive business for the organic farmer - and the increased resources also often have a negative impact on the environment. As compensation for the increased costs for the farmer, organic products are often also quite a bit more expensive than conventional ones, and it is thus not "for everyone" to buy organic.

A rapidly developing field of research

In reality, there is no clear answer to whether ecology is good or bad. Research is constantly being done in the area and new conclusions are found within the various branches of ecology, and it is therefore up to you to find out whether ecology is a value that speaks to you - and to what extent you want to choose organic, when you shop for food, cosmetics, skin care products, textiles and more. It can be quite a jungle to navigate, but your gut is rarely wrong.

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