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Free shipping on purchases over DKK 329 - otherwise only DKK 35 in shipping
UpCircle naturlig hudpleje

NEW: Natural skin care from award-winning UpCircle

Back in 2015, English siblings Anna and William Brightman had an idea: if we throw away a coffee filter with coffee grounds every morning, how much is thrown away from all the coffee shops around London? Quite a lot it turned out! So they decided to do something about it and needed a way to give this coffee grounds a new life. And UpCircle was born.

UpCircle uses recycled coffee grounds in their skin care range

They started their journey collecting coffee grounds from one coffee shop and now collect from hundreds of coffee shops across London - and their list is growing all the time!

Over time, the concept has developed, and they now no longer only collect coffee grounds, but also date stones, argan shells, spice residues from the chai industry and juice residues from the juice industry.

The recycled foods are used by UpCircle to make the highest quality natural skin care products! Try, among other things, their delicious face scrub, body scrub, face cream, eye cream, toner, serum or organic soap bars.

UpCircle natural skin care

All their skin care products are vegan, made with a minimum of 99% natural ingredients and contain organic ingredients.

In addition, they have made a great deal out of the packaging, so that it is not only the content that is sustainable, but also the way in which the products are transported and stored.

All the products come in packaging that can be recycled - cardboard boxes, glass jars and aluminum tubes.

UpCircle natural eye cream

UpCircle has already gained a huge fan base as their products treat everything from acne to very dry skin. Several of their products have also won awards, and in 2019 UpCircle won the FSB London Ethical Green Business of the Year.

We have been really looking forward to getting UpCircle on the shelves, and we hope you will welcome it!

See the entire selection right here.

UpCircle skincare ethics and values

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