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Free shipping on purchases over DKK 329 - otherwise only DKK 35 in shipping
Hvad er en socialøkonomisk virksomhed?

What is a social economic enterprise?

You may have heard the term social economic enterprise, but don't quite know what it covers. Here we provide an explanation of what a social economic enterprise is, so that you are not in doubt the next time you come across the term.

Social economy – the basics in place first

In its operation, a social economic enterprise is a completely ordinary private enterprise that conducts business under normal market conditions. However, a social economy company differs from other companies by creating direct social value, be it social, health or environmental.

Examples of social economic enterprises are enterprises that use the financial surplus to create jobs for the socially disadvantaged or develop solutions to problems in health or the environment. Many social economic companies are built on volunteerism, but it is not a requirement that the use of volunteers is part of the company's foundation before it can be called social economic. A social economy enterprise is always independent of the public sector, i.e. of municipalities, regions and the state.

What does a social economy company sell?

As such, there are no requirements for what a social economy enterprise must negotiate. It is also welcome to receive donations and grants, but the company's financial basis must come primarily from income from products or services.

Social economic products at TINC

If you only know a little about us at TINC, it will hardly occur to you that a large number of our products support social economic purposes. We are proud to sell some of the finest and carefully selected quality goods from social economy companies based in both Denmark and abroad, and we continuously expand the range so that you have an even greater opportunity to support the social economy when you shop with us. We are proud of our mission and of the universe we have created, both in our two physical stores in Aarhus and Aalborg and on our webshop.

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