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Hvad er bæredygtig produktion?

What is sustainable production?

When talking about sustainability, the concept of sustainable production is often mentioned. But what does it actually mean to produce sustainably, and how do you spot the goods that have been created through sustainable production? Read along here, where we make you smarter about what sustainable production means.

When is a production sustainable?

Sustainable production is not just one thing, and it is of course debatable how much a producer actually has to do in order to call his production sustainable. When sustainable production is mentioned as a condition or a trademark, it is often about:

  • That an active position has been taken to reduce the use of natural resources in production, both in relation to the choice of the materials used and to the use of water, electricity, etc., when the materials are transformed into the finished product.
  • That an active position has also been taken on how the least possible pollution can be emitted during production, so that soil, water and air are not affected.

A sustainably produced product is a product with a low environmental impact, where resources are used as best as possible. In addition to the production process itself, it is also often looked at whether the product is sustainable in use, for example by being of a particularly durable quality, and how easy the product is to dispose of/reuse when it has served the consumer. From this point of view, sustainable production implies the entire life cycle of the product – from the selection of the materials through the production part to the use of the product and later disposal.

Sustainable production is a buzzword

We hope that with the above explanation we have given you an answer to what sustainable production is - or at least can be. There is no single clear definition, and manufacturers can in principle use the term as they wish. This makes it extra important to be critical and do your own research before buying products that are marketed as sustainably produced.

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