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Free shipping on purchases over DKK 329 - otherwise only DKK 35 in shipping
Guide til genbrug af emballage i din husstand

Guide to recycling packaging in your household

Resource consumption in Denmark is high, and we Danes produce an incredible amount of waste - the Danes have absolute 1st place in the EU in terms of production of waste per person - 766 kg. per person per year EU average per person is 486 kg.

Disposable packaging is one of the biggest climate culprits, and therefore it makes good sense to think about recycling packaging where you can. Be inspired to recycle packaging here, where we delve deeper into the subject and give you our best tips on how you can reduce your amount of waste by reusing relevant packaging.

A good business for climate and environment

Recent studies show that much packaging often only needs to be reused a few times before it has a positive effect on the environment and climate. However, it can be difficult to see through when packaging must be reused again, and we therefore hope to make you a little smarter about that here.

Difference between reuse and recycling

It is important to distinguish between reuse and recycling, as these are two very different processes. You may already sort your waste for recycling, where the material is, for example, melted down and used again to create new packaging, but in fact much packaging can be recycled in your own household before it has to be thrown into the container and on to the local sorting facility. This ensures an extended life for the packaging without burdening the environment.

This is how you can reuse packaging on a daily basis

There are countless examples of how ordinary everyday packaging can be reused. If you often receive parcel post, you can reuse both the cardboard box itself and any other packaging inside the package when you next send a package yourself. An empty shampoo bottle can be rinsed and filled with new shampoo or other liquid beauty products, and the same can be done with many other types of packaging you may find in your household. At TINC, we offer, among other things, refills of organic shampoo and conditioner , cleaning agents, washing-up liquid, rinse aid for the dishwasher as well as a wide range of bulk foods that are easy to fill into suitable packaging.

Especially for recycling food packaging

Much packaging from food can also be reused for other foods that resemble the contents that were originally in the packaging. It is important that the packaging is completely emptied of its contents and thoroughly cleaned before it is reused, and you must always discard the packaging if it looks worn, cracked or cracked. It is also relevant whether the packaging has previously been used for cold or hot food, as it may only be used for similar foods, unless otherwise stated. Always look at the labeling or at the food that the packaging has previously contained to find out what the packaging can be reused for.

Have fun recycling packaging, which can hopefully save you from going out with waste to the container as often as you may have done so far.

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