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Food trends

New trends are constantly emerging - and especially in sustainable food. If you want to join the latest food trends, but you don't quite know where to end and start, we guide you here to some of the most popular food trends of the time within sustainability.

Out with the meat and in with the legumes

Plant-based diet is on everyone's lips these years, when we are encouraged to cut back on meat consumption. But when the meat disappears, what should we replace it with instead? Look to the vegetarian or vegan cuisine for the answer and be inspired by the world's tasty favorites with beans, lentils, tofu, tempeh, seitan and other foods that may still be completely new to you or that you may be familiar with already.

Greater awareness and less waste

Among the prevailing food trends, it has become in to have an increased attention to reducing food waste and, on the whole, getting the most out of one's food. Broth is boiled on vegetable peelers, hooked carrots are selected in the supermarket, smoothies are blended or cakes are baked from the overripe bananas and generally new ways of making use of the last leftovers in the fridge are thought of. It benefits both the environment and the wallet.

Boost health with superfoods

The so-called superfoods have become an integral part of many Danes' food habits. At least for those who want an extra nutritional boost. Spirulina, acai and lucuma are just some of the trendy superfoods that have moved into the kitchen cupboards, but in fact quite ordinary foods such as broccoli, spinach, berries, nuts and seeds can give just as good a boost to your health as those in in recent years have been named superfoods.

Start with the food trends that make sense to you

It can be difficult to navigate the many changing food trends. Our best advice is to go with the food trends that capture you and give meaning to your life and leave the rest behind. The meaningful trends stick around and will most likely sneak up on you one way or another over time, while the more fleeting ones will disappear as quickly as they came.

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