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Er økologi sundere end konventionelt?

Is organic healthier than conventional?

Whether organic food is healthier than the conventional kind is a question that concerns many people. However, there is no unequivocal answer in research, despite an incredible number of different studies to delve into. Simply because the research field is so incredibly complex. Learn more about the field in this blog post.

An almost impossible question to answer

There are several reasons why it is so difficult to research the health relationship between organic and conventional foods. The question of whether organic is healthier than conventional is far from simple to answer, although many researchers have tried over time.

In part, the comparison requires in-depth knowledge of everything from soil conditions and varieties to different people's lifestyles and eating habits. On the one hand, it is difficult to demonstrate a higher health benefit from organic food, as it requires that the test subjects must be followed for many years and, moreover, must live 100% organically or 100% conventionally for the entire period, which very few of them do do. At the same time, there is disagreement among researchers in relation to whether pesticides in conventional foods are actually harmful to health in the quantities found in the diet. There are only a few studies in the area, as it is incredibly difficult to create a valid study.

But is ecology healthier - what should I believe?

It is frustrating not being able to come up with a definitive answer as to whether organic foods are healthier than conventional ones. However, we will at all times argue that it must be best to choose foods without insect poisons such as pesticides to be on the safe side. In terms of health, you don't lose anything by choosing organic, and if nothing else, you don't have to wonder about the "extra" you would otherwise get in the form of pesticides in conventional foods.

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