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Bær dine ting med stil og god samvittighed!

Carry your things with style and good conscience!

We have made our very first TINC tote bags, and we are REALLY crazy about them!

The tote bags are made of 100% recycled cotton. We think it makes much more sense to use textiles that have already been produced, rather than making new ones.

Recycled cotton is made from used cotton products and residual fibers from knitted and woven fabrics. Recycling the fibers reduces our use of new cotton, and therefore reduces the large amounts of water, CO2 emissions, use of pesticides and other environmental impacts used in cotton production.

The bags are ready to be rolled up and carried in the bag.

This is only the first model, but if you welcome it, we can not deny that more will come.

Price DKK 49. Watch them here .

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