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Free shipping on purchases over DKK 329 - otherwise only DKK 35 in shipping
5 lette ændringer som gør dit badeværelse mere bæredygtigt

5 easy changes that make your bathroom more sustainable

Do you also want to have a more sustainable everyday life? Then you have come to the right place. You can make many small sustainable changes in your everyday life, which in the end have great significance. Read along here to find out how you can easily replace normal bathroom products with more sustainable bathroom products. 

Treat yourself to a safety razor 

With a safety razor , you avoid both harming yourself and using unnecessary plastic. Although safety razors are slightly more expensive than your normal scrapers, it makes good sense to invest in them. In addition to saving the world a lot of plastic, you also want to save yourself money. A safety razor can last for many years, and the razor blades can be easily replaced. Old razor blades can be thrown into metal and are therefore recycled. 

To get an irritation-free shave, it is important that you do not press the razor blade too hard on the skin – instead, let the razor blade slide over the skin. 

Use reusable face pads 

When wearing make-up, it is especially important that you clean your face properly. With a reusable face washcloth , you can do it in a 'zero waste' way. They are super delicious and easy to use. You just take your favorite make-up remover on the roundel, as you normally do. Then you just rub it gently over the whole face. It may be necessary to rinse it once or twice if you wear a lot of make-up. After use, you must rinse it under running water and then either lay it out to dry - so you can use it again - or just throw it straight into the wash. 

Sometimes it can be weirdest to buy the small gloves, as you can easily keep them in place by inserting 2-3 fingers. 

Wash yourself sustainably 

It can be really nice to use a bath flower or sponge, but it's not so nice when you think about how much rubbish it actually creates in the long run. Fortunately, there are sustainable alternatives. 

Sustainable beach flowers or sponges are available in many materials, each of which can perform slightly differently. For example, a bamboo bath flower has a light exfoliating effect. If you want a rougher exfoliation that still doesn't damage the skin, you should look at a Loofaah sponge instead. Both kinds are really nice to use. 

There are many benefits to using natural mushrooms. First of all, you avoid a lot of synthetic substances, and some of the mushrooms can even be thrown directly into the compost. But the natural look actually also fits into the vast majority of bathrooms and will not attract a lot of unwanted attention. 

Enjoy the soap bar's many delicious properties 

At TINC we have many different soap bars . We have soap bars for the face, for the body and for the hands, and it is therefore not entirely without reason that they are so popular. Soap bars are really slow to use, which means they last a very long time. In addition, a bar of soap is usually plastic-free, so you also save the world from a lot of packaging. 

The soap bars are available with a lot of different scents, but it is of course also possible to buy a soap bar without scent if you wish. In addition, many of our soaps have an incredibly nice appearance with different colors and patterns. 

Soap bars are in no way a boring, sustainable alternative. In fact, our soap bars also have various good properties. For example, some of them are best for dry skin, while others are suitable for oily skin. 

Feel free to come down to the store and ask us for advice or contact us via email or on social media. 

Care for your hair with a natural hairbrush 

A natural hair brush is not only good for the environment, but also your hair and scalp. Natural hair brushes can last for many years due to the strong wood. In addition, wooden hair brushes are really good for the scalp because they gently go in and massage, which can help to increase hair growth. 

In the shop we have many different natural hair brushes. For example, we have anti-static, zero waste or vegan hair brushes. We also have a popular round hair brush which gives the perfect 'blow dry' effect. 

Tip: also buy a delicious base oil such as Argan oil. Many say that it makes their hair much healthier, softer and shinier. 

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